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Hope Colorado Springs

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The Holy Spirit led Josh and Kelly Allen to fall in love with the vision of Hope Colorado Springs during a long and intense season full of prayer, listening, and dreaming throughout 2016 and 2017. The mission of Hope Colorado Springs is to make the hope we've found in Jesus REAL for our neighbors and one another. We will do this by living intentional, generous, and humble lives that speak love and truth to all who we share life with. Our missional presence in northeast Colorado Springs will focus on three core priorities: rising generations of truth seekers and Church leaders, relationships with those who share our neighborhoods and workplaces, and restored lives among those in need of physical aid and family. Despite its inaccurate reputation as a predominantly "Christian" city, some estimate that fewer than 20% of locals are involved in any form of faith community. Adolescent suicide and homelessness, especially among our many disabled military veterans, reveals a need for real hope that isn't widely realized by those whose only impression from visiting our city is one of physical beauty and prevalent religious devotion. You and your church family can join God's mission of making His hope real in our community by supporting us with prayer, words/notes of encouragement, and financially. We are dedicated to being wise stewards of God's resources to maximize to keep our priorities in focus and to maximize the impact of God’s Kingdom within our community. With the networking, resources, and training from our partnership with Converge Rocky Mountain and your support, we will see hope rise over Colorado Springs and to the ends of the earth!
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