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by Anonymous donated $100 on 8/14/2017
For school uniforms
Jack donated $300 on 8/13/2017
This can be for uniforms, or for whatever you see fit. Keep up the good work. Ya'll are an inspiration.
Rev. Timothy Torres donated $1400 on 8/1/2017
This is for our Mission Team from Christ Covenant Church. Trip Dates August 6-11, 2017 (5 nights). We have a total of 7 on our team. 4003
David Jonassen donated $50 on 7/26/2017
We at East Newnan Baptist Church loved being a part of a Friday Night Ice Cream Social. Thanks a Bunch for reminding us to BE WITH.
Passion City Church donated $540 on 7/24/2017
We love you RATL!
Jake D donated $120 on 7/19/2017
LOVE ATLANTA Tuesday Project!
Jake Daghe donated $120 on 7/18/2017
For LOVE ATLANTA - Day 1 - 12 volunteers!
GSBC donated $960 on 7/6/2017
GSBC July 9-13 final balance
Swift Creek Baptist Church donated $3640 on 6/24/2017
This is payment for 14
Kathy Davila donated $200 on 5/31/2017
God bless you all in your ministry, especially to all those sweet kids. Five stars for Chef Arthur and his excellent Cordon Bleu meals.
Jason & Jennifer Etheridge donated $250 on 5/27/2017
We are so privileged to be able to partner with RATL to invest in the lives of children.
Mark & Leigh Adams donated $250 on 5/25/2017
Love what RATL does for our community. Happy to help sponsor a camper!
Brenda C donated $250 on 5/19/2017
I'm excited about sponsoring a camper and look so forward to meeting them...
In honor of Sandy Goodwin donated $200 on 5/15/2017
A donation honoring the birthday of a loving and caring Nonna (Sandy Goodwin). Love, The Arizona and Vermont kids and grandkids!
GSBC donated $960 on 4/24/2017
Deposits for GSBC for the the following dates: July 9-13th
by Anonymous donated $1080 on 4/7/2017
Thank you to RATL and all the RATL staff, you guys are amazing! Enriching lives, building the church, and bringing hope! God Bless you!
Sumiton Church of God donated $1750 on 3/29/2017
Sumiton Church of God Retreat 7/7-7/9
Larry Stephenson donated $250 on 3/22/2017
Jim, I can't afford to participate in your golf event but I also can't afford to not support your efforts at RATL and the good work you do.
Lenn Reed donated $30 on 2/11/2017
Happy Birthday Bibles in honor of Beth Ellison from Ella Kate and Jacob
Lenn, Chip and Ella Reed donated $75 on 2/11/2017
Bibles in
Lenn Reed donated $25 on 1/31/2017
Memorial donation for Mrs. Marilyn Bounds