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Rescue Mission of Roanoke

For over 70 years the Rescue Mission has been a beacon of hope to those who are suffering. From emergency shelter to dining services, from a free on site Medical Clinic to a revolutionary, wrap around addiction recovery program, we provide hope, health and healing to the hurting in Southwest Virginia. Here at the Rescue Mission we know one thing to be true, the time to help others is always today.
For many who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, or joblessness, the only way back to success is with a robust community support system. A donation to the Rescue Mission today ensures that your money will go to the immediate needs facing our guests today.
Our Dining Services program has served an average of 275,000 meals a year over the past five years. These meals are critical sources of nutrition to those who need it most. Without these meals hunger and loss of focus at school or at a new job could be the result. Lack on nutrition over time creates health issues that many in poverty find hard to overcome. A gift to our food services program ensures that those who need us most will not go hungry today. 
The Way Forward Residential Recovery Program is for men and women seeking to break free of the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction. Through coaching, spiritual guidance, and education, the program provides participants the tools they need to move from a life of self-abuse and destruction to a life lived in recovery, punctuated by grace.
The program consists of four phases, each involving a variety of classes, on-site community service assignments, church participation, and step-work with a sponsor in local 12-step programs. Phase 4 involves a job search and obtaining permanent housing, and concludes with a commencement event.