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Julia Spencer
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My world has always centered around nature, animals, and community.  As a kid, I found solace in mossy Northwest forests and stimulation through exploring ocean beaches - admiring ferns, frogs, and fish...and the entire web of life unfolding around me. I shared a sense of belonging with everything surrounding me, and I learned a lot about life from observing and interacting in the great outdoors. 
These places and experiences shaped who I am. They defined WHAT I care about and WHY I care. Ultimately, these encounters even influenced what I DO for a living - raising money to protect our planet and the animals I love.
One such animal is the orca whale. And right now, they desperately need our help.
With only 73 Southern resident orcas left, and facing the heartbreaking thought that they could go extinct in my lifetime, I want to raise AT LEAST $500 to protect these amazing icons of the Pacific Northwest. Can you pitch in?
We've already lost three endangered Southern resident orca whales in 2019:
1) Scoter (age 28);
2) Nyssa (age 29); and
3) Princess Angeline (age 42).
You may recall the story of Talequah, the 20 year old orca who carried her dead newborn for 17 days, over 1,000 miles, through the San Juan Islands to grieve the death of her calf in 2018. Well, Princess Angeline was Talequah's mother, declared missing or dead on August 6th, 2019. So, the heartbreak continues...
But we know what's killing these whales, which means we can help save them. They need more Chinook salmon to eat and less pollution and vessel traffic in the Salish Sea. Oh, and they need you and me to give a shit – and do something.
Taking action is my antidote to feeling overwhelmed by today's environmental challenges. Please join me in protecting the health of the Salish Sea so we can bring Southern resident orcas back from the brink of extinction.