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Judy BaskerThere are lots of reasons students enroll at Rogue Community College, but nearly all have this in common:  they want to launch meaningful careers. For many of our students this dream has become a reality.  A recent one-year pilot study of five selected career/technical programs at RCC, shows the average starting salary of our graduates was $25.86/hour, well above the state wide average. Education and training provided by RCC supports our students and our regional economy.

Regrettably, the economy of the last several years has made it more difficult for many families to support their children's efforts to earn a degree. As a result, many students must delay their studies-and their entry into the workforce.

Please consider a gift to the RCC Foundation. Your generous donation supplies important financial support to our deserving and driven students. No gift is too small to make an impact.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes to you and yours in the New Year!


Judith E. Basker

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Kathryn Harada donated $50 on 5/3/2019
Sharon Javna donated $1000 on 5/2/2019
RCC is an investment in our future!
Carol Dodson donated $25 on 4/26/2019
In honor of all of the years of service that Linda Wagner has given nursing education both at Rogue CC and across the state of Oregon.
Laura and John Magstadt donated $85 on 4/25/2019
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 4/11/2019
Kurt Krauss donated $1000 on 4/10/2019
Fred & Sandy Borngasser donated $50 on 3/18/2019
Fred & Sandy Borngasser donated $50 on 3/18/2019
Judith B donated $150 on 1/23/2019
Jane Krauss and Paul Bloch donated $250 on 1/17/2019
Jane Krauss and Paul Bloch donated $500 on 1/17/2019
Gregory K donated $1000 on 1/17/2019
Dawn C donated $300 on 1/15/2019
For Whitaker payment.
Amanda H donated $85 on 1/9/2019
Amber G donated $140 on 1/4/2019
In memory of Shirley Haley from the Grant County PUD.
Chuck and Sue Lewis donated $50 on 1/3/2019
In Memory of Lois Gates