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Raleigh Dream Center

Please prayerfully consider becoming part of our "Dream Team" of supporters who pledge a monthly gift.  Recurring gifts truly help to sustain our ministries and provide the means to consistently build lasting relationships in communities.
   Recent Activity
DeAnna S donated $259.74 on 7/31/2021
Reagan L donated $140 on 7/30/2021
Doug P donated $156 on 7/30/2021
Michael W donated $360 on 7/30/2021
Andrea P donated $50 on 7/30/2021
Poppy donated $104.12 on 7/29/2021
Thanks for what you are doing. Our granddaughter is an intern with your program. We're proud of her and you.
Peter and Margaret R donated $100 on 7/28/2021
Please use these funds to feed the hungry
Howard S donated $100 on 7/27/2021
Andrew M donated $40 on 7/25/2021
RB donated $52.25 on 7/25/2021
Neal C donated $2200 on 7/24/2021
Greg donated $477.62 on 7/24/2021
Praying for healing and "their" salvation.
MICHELE G donated $104.12 on 7/24/2021
Reagan L donated $170 on 7/23/2021
New Hope B donated $25 on 7/23/2021