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Women's Sleep A Thon

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Norma Jean Falink donated $51.5 on 4/25/2019
Bayside Accounting and Consulting donated $150 on 4/25/2019
Aileen Klein donated $50 on 4/25/2019
I have volunteered with Rainbow Shelter in the past and it does a huge service for our community.Thanks to the staff & sleepover volunteers.
Ella Ennis donated $51.5 on 4/25/2019
A very worthy cause.
Don Millner donated $51.5 on 4/24/2019
Kyle Newton donated $103 on 4/24/2019
Ann Kelly donated $103 on 4/24/2019
Thanks for all you do for Rainbow Place! Your awesome!
The Ranney Family donated $25.75 on 4/24/2019
Holly - What a great charity you are sponsoring! Thank you for generously donating your time & energy to such a worthy cause!
Margaret McCulla donated $154.5 on 4/24/2019
You go girl! Thanks for being so caring.
by Anonymous donated $77.25 on 4/24/2019
by Anonymous donated $103 on 4/24/2019
MN Blum donated $500 on 4/24/2019
Betsy Rathvon donated $25 on 4/24/2019
KAVITA DAWSON donated $206 on 4/24/2019
In support of the women's Sleep-a-thon! Wish I could be there.
Carol Randall donated $51.5 on 4/23/2019
Coldwell Banker Waterman Realty donated $128.75 on 4/23/2019
Coldwell Banker Waterman Realty donated $128.75 on 4/23/2019
Audrey Scott donated $25.75 on 4/23/2019
Barbara Lieber donated $50 on 4/23/2019
Mary Gregory donated $25.75 on 4/23/2019
Balkissa Irene Abdoulaye donated $50 on 4/23/2019
Happy to contribute to this effort in helping Women, in supporting Virginia. You guys are an inspiration!
Thale/Sonoda Family donated $52.5 on 4/23/2019
Thanks for supporting a great cause, Patti.
by Anonymous donated $30.9 on 4/23/2019
Kathleen donated $51.5 on 4/22/2019
Rainbow Place, thank you for all you do!
Kathy McGowan donated $25.75 on 4/22/2019
Keep up the great work, Ann!