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rabble rouser on radio boise
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The rabble rouser show exists for one primary reason, to be the voice of the voiceless. As a radio program, we focus on airing challenging, cutting edge music that no other station will play and bringing up topics that no one else will discuss. 
Spring radiothon marks the two-year anniversary of the rabble rouser on Radio Boise. We are grateful that it’s been able to go on so long and we continue to work to improve the show in the hopes that it can mean to you what the shows that have inspired us over the years have meant to us. 
This is a labor of love purely from our desire to make a positive impact other people. Radio Boise operates on the tiniest of budgets and faces immense challenges to remain on the airwaves. Most of us are volunteers that receive only satisfaction for payment.
If you enjoy this show and the many other diverse and eclectic programs that Radio Boise offers around the clock, please consider donating during spring radiothon. 
Radio Boise needs to meet the budget for operating costs, plus more to improve our signal to compete with the evolving downtown skyline. So, we are pushing a little harder in our fundraising efforts. 
All funds raised go directly to the operation of the station and not to individual shows, though each show has it's own goal and it makes us feel great to know that listeners support the rabble rouser! The rabble rouser’s specific show goal is $700, but feel free to donate any amount from $7 to $7,000,000. 
We have two very special programs lined up on April 19 and April 26 from 10:00-midnight. Tune in during those shows to hear the spectacular treats we have to offer!  For the price of a single download, you can be the difference to us, while getting way more for your money! So, please donate a little or a lot to keep community radio in the Treasure Valley and beyond!