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Queens Library Foundation, Inc.

The Queens Library Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Queens Library. Our mission is to raise funds from foundation, corporation, and private individuals to support the tens and thousands of the free programs and services offered by the Queens Library.
Queens Library’s 62 local community libraries are neighborhood anchors and destinations, where everyone comes to learn, read, relax and share experiences with others. Every day, library customers line up outside our buildings, waiting to utilize our books, our programs, and our internet services.

Our future is not just about books--it included an enormous array of programs, services, and resources which draw people to our doors.   We are able to do so much for so many because of the wonderful support we receive from foundation, corporations, and the thousands of individuals who support the Library.

The ethnically diverse community of Queens visits their community libraries for afterschool assistance, to search for information on any subject, to build their literacy skills or even learn to read, for access to public use computers, and much more. They know they will continue to find a welcoming and comfortable place to read, socialize, and participate in a wide range of informative and educational programs, all free of cost.

What does the Queens Library Foundation do?

The Queens Library Foundation (the Foundation), which is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, raises funds to provide books, materials, programs and services for the Queens Library. The library primarily serves the borough of Queens (The New York Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library are separate library systems which do not serve Queens residents). Donations to the Queens Library Foundation enrich the Library's collections and create innovative programs that meet community needs. The books, materials, programs and services the Foundation provides would not be possible without your generous donations. Your individual donations are not used for salaries or operating and maintenance expenses.

Why should I make donations to an institution which receives government funding?

The Foundation support complements, but does not supplant, the government funding Queens Library receives. The New York City funds Queens Library receives only provide Library basics such as staff, collections, facilities, and operating expenses. The Foundation helps community libraries meet growing and diverse needs by partnering with the private sector to fund programs and resources not included in the basic operating budget.

Where do donations go?

Donors can designate their gift to community libraries or specific program areas. Unrestricted donations go to fund books or materials or to those program/services most needing additional funds as determined between the foundation and Queens Library Leadership.