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Susan J donated $5 on 7/2/2020
Deborah M donated $10 on 7/1/2020
Thank you for the great workshops!! You attract the most amazing people who are lighting up my life during this time of social isolation!
Karen M donated $10 on 7/1/2020
Viki K donated $25 on 7/1/2020
Audrey B donated $10 on 7/1/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 6/30/2020
by Anonymous donated $15 on 6/30/2020
Nancy B donated $20 on 6/28/2020
by Anonymous donated $30 on 6/28/2020
For the workshop on Tuesday (30th June 2020) and the two workshops in July 2020
Alana B donated $10 on 6/24/2020
Deborah L donated $10 on 6/24/2020
Karen M donated $20 on 6/23/2020
Ellen P donated $800 on 6/23/2020
Thanks for the wonderful training for our IRCO team!
Deborah M donated $10 on 6/23/2020
Thank you for the fabulous and inspiring workshops you continue to offer--they are my lifeline during this time of social isolation!
Kate T donated $100 on 6/23/2020
Kesava K donated $25 on 6/23/2020
Sharon M donated $30 on 6/23/2020
I'm loving the Tuesday morning sessions
Christine C donated $50 on 6/23/2020
Your Creative Catalyst sessions have been so beautiful, deep and uplifting. This work is so vital in a time of unrest, fear and uncertainty!
Colleen E donated $50 on 6/23/2020
I am grateful for the Powerful & inspiring voices. A memorable learning journey...“ leaning in towards the light“.
by Anonymous donated $10 on 6/23/2020
Michele C donated $50 on 6/23/2020
The Creative Catalyst Workshops are top notch for skills building, balm for the spirit, and a way to connect to community. Thank you so much
Charlotte G donated $10 on 6/22/2020
Loved the session last Tuesday with the Greek God!
Nancy B donated $25 on 6/20/2020
Really appreciate this inspirational series and also loving to see faces/meet people from around the globe.
Lola K donated $10 on 6/20/2020