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Prairie Sky Equine Assisted Therapy

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Brittany McCully donated C$405 on 9/22/2018
Rose donated C$230 on 9/21/2018
Gillian s donated C$175 on 9/21/2018
Tracy Thorbjornsen donated C$165 on 9/20/2018
Sue-Anne Wearmouth donated C$175 on 9/14/2018
Carol Stock donated C$175 on 9/13/2018
Thank God for Stars!
Laura H donated C$175 on 9/11/2018
Craig McCulloch donated C$175 on 9/11/2018
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 9/10/2018
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 9/10/2018
Tracy Thorbjornsen donated C$175 on 9/10/2018
Looking forward to another spectacular event.
Tracy Edgar donated C$175 on 9/9/2018
I was so happy to be able to participate in this event to help contribute to the Stars Ambulance and help them continue to save lives.
Tammy Evans donated C$100 on 9/8/2018
Malia Jackson donated C$435 on 9/8/2018
by Anonymous donated C$175 on 9/6/2018
Blair Murray donated C$100 on 9/5/2018
Angela Thomson donated C$100 on 9/5/2018
Doing the hike this year, next year hope to be doing the hunt!
Butler Stein Family donated C$1065 on 9/3/2018
Stars has all of our backs while we enjoy the outdoors. Thank-You Stars & the Harvey Family for your life saving service and hosting.
by Anonymous donated C$175 on 8/31/2018
Meredith S donated C$175 on 8/30/2018
Taryn donated C$200 on 8/29/2018
I'm very excited!
Jamie Shaughnessy donated C$175 on 8/29/2018
Monique Gartland donated C$175 on 8/27/2018
Dagmar F donated C$175 on 8/23/2018
BRUCE M donated C$175 on 8/21/2018