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PT North Georgia

Thank you for your interest in supporting Project Transformation North Georgia! As Project Transformation North Georgia's temporary fiscal sponsor, your donation to Project Transformation National is tax deductible and will be restricted for Project Transformation North Georgia.
   Recent Activity
Roger Blythe donated $10000 on 10/7/2019
Mary G Amis donated $100 on 10/5/2019
The results of your first year are very impressive! Wishing you continued success.
Suzanne Success Osborne donated $25 on 9/23/2019
Lynn & James O’Neill donated $5000 on 9/5/2019
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 8/31/2019
Linda donated $100 on 7/31/2019
by Anonymous donated $250 on 7/30/2019
Robert B donated $2000 on 7/30/2019
Rhonda Hunter donated $100 on 7/27/2019
Lisa Gwock donated $28.76 on 7/26/2019
Larry Goodpaster donated $500 on 7/26/2019
by Anonymous donated $500 on 7/25/2019
Pat & Michael Sabatelle donated $50 on 7/22/2019
Jaime Newton donated $25 on 7/22/2019
Kathryn Stanley donated $50 on 7/22/2019
Ellen S donated $300 on 7/22/2019
This program is transformative for children, college students and The communities they serve!
Eric Lindh donated $10 on 7/18/2019