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NOPD needs Flares

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Too often, NOPD officers put their lives at risk while working traffic accidents at night on the I10 and 610 without working strobe lights a top their patrol vehicles or road flares to warn approaching motorist.  While many have read about the two traffic fatalities our city suffered last night (5-16-14), what most are not aware of is that an NOPD officer working the accident on the 610 was almost struck last night by a passing vehicle.  As is VERY often the case... there were not enough police officers to properly divert traffic on the 610 (due to the manpower shortage) or road flares to deploy.

While we may not be able to help with the NOPD manpower and equipment failure issues... we certainly can help save officers lives by buying some inexpensive road flares.  Each case contains 36 flares, and will hopefully last until the NOPD can buy more for themselves.  If we fall short of our $1200 goal, I will buy what I can with the money we raise.

As Project NOLA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your generous donation may be tax deductible.
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Brian S donated $20 on 5/21/2014
thank you
Sue F donated $1000 on 5/21/2014
I only wish I could do more for our brave men and women.
Marla B donated $20 on 5/20/2014
Marsha K donated $100 on 5/20/2014
Lawrence l donated $30 on 5/20/2014
We must do better to protect the protectors.
by Anonymous donated $30 on 5/19/2014
Shelly B donated $50 on 5/19/2014
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Laura C donated $30 on 5/19/2014
To Protect and Serve....thank you
Brenda D donated $50 on 5/19/2014
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Donna W donated $20 on 5/19/2014
by Anonymous donated $20 on 5/19/2014
Elizabeth W donated $20 on 5/19/2014
Elaine L donated $40 on 5/19/2014
We need to help our first responders as much as possible, especially given the crappy budgets they have to work with.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 5/19/2014
Christopher L donated $20 on 5/19/2014
Thank you for bringing this issue to the public's attention Bryan.
Carrie F donated $20 on 5/19/2014
Aaron T donated $20 on 5/19/2014
The city should be embarrassed that this fundraising effort is even taking place; but until the city steps up then it looks like it is going
Cathy S donated $20 on 5/18/2014