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KTG Emily Tepp

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Rachel R donated $52.5 on 10/26/2021
Deborah Schiff donated $26.25 on 10/13/2021
Emily, we are so proud of you and the work you are doing for this wonderful cause!
Sabrina Kelner donated $50 on 10/10/2021
Aunt Carol and Uncle Ben donated $52.5 on 10/2/2021
Go, Emily, go!!
Grandma & Papa donated $157.5 on 10/1/2021
Emily - what a great idea! We're very proud of you. This is a wonderful way to share your love of camp with other children.
Paul & Bea Krosney donated $105 on 9/30/2021
Sasha, Rachel, Toby, Steve and Ronnie donated $189 on 9/30/2021
What a great project, Emily! Happy to support you!
Paola Agudelo donated $1.05 on 9/1/2021