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Project Morry

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Lainie Tendler donated $26.25 on 10/15/2017
mark w donated $5250 on 10/11/2017
Congratulations Doug, a well deserved honor
Madeline & Norman Britman donated $105 on 10/5/2017
Shanna G donated $1.05 on 10/2/2017
Karen hirschkorn walker family donated $250 on 9/29/2017
The Kaplans donated $200 on 9/27/2017
Oliff-Lieberman Family donated $118 on 9/26/2017
We are happy to support this wonderful cause in honor of our dear friends Lauren PIne-Bernstein and MarK Bernstein.
David Green donated $1000 on 9/25/2017
by Anonymous donated $75 on 9/20/2017
Dana L donated $50 on 9/17/2017
Ashley Share & Gregory Jakubowsky donated $100 on 9/15/2017
Scott & Kelly Freishtat, your hard work in raising money for Project Morry is inspirational!
Andrea R donated $100 on 9/15/2017
Lisa F donated $100 on 9/14/2017
Judy And Ken Kloner donated $300 on 9/13/2017
meg and howard jacobs donated $500 on 9/12/2017
congratulations to you for dedicated service to the Project Morry
Matthew Pritikin and Michelle Gagnon Wedding donated $500 on 9/12/2017
We are thrilled to donate in lieu of a favor at our wedding 9/9/17!
David Golub donated $500 on 9/7/2017
The Suzman Family donated $250 on 8/28/2017
by Anonymous donated $500 on 8/28/2017
Jocelyn Deutsch donated $50 on 8/28/2017
Project Morry represents everything good in this world! Great organization!!
by Anonymous donated $250 on 8/27/2017
The Everett Family donated $36 on 8/25/2017
The Schutzer Family donated $36 on 8/24/2017
David B. Stetson donated $100 on 8/23/2017
Tom T kicked my backside in a golf challenge. Rather than play for $$$, we played for Project Morry. It is time for me to pay up. :-)
David Freedman donated $100 on 8/15/2017