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Carol and Howard Ellegant donated $200 on 11/19/2020
by Anonymous donated $2500 on 11/18/2020
Emily Lerner and Dmitry Abramov donated $360 on 11/17/2020
Diana J. Mason, RN donated $100 on 11/13/2020
Diana J. Mason, RN donated $100 on 11/1/2020
Carla Singer donated $100 on 10/16/2020
by Anonymous donated $180 on 10/16/2020
Rabbi Goldie Milgram donated $500 on 10/2/2020
Love you, blessings for all possible good health and wellbeing! Worried. l'shana tova u'moadim l'simcha.
Dan and Marissa Zwelling donated $72 on 9/26/2020
Cynthia M donated $36 on 9/21/2020
Tessa Fischer donated $72 on 9/17/2020
MARTIN BOORSTEIN & CAROLE SLATER donated $100 on 9/17/2020
marjorie ellenbogen donated $18 on 9/17/2020
by Anonymous donated $18 on 9/12/2020
by Anonymous donated $360 on 9/9/2020
by Anonymous donated $250 on 9/7/2020
Marta Miller donated $250 on 9/4/2020
I hope to support PK women and their families as they are coping with very difficult social, economic and political situations in Belarus.
kate mankoff donated $250 on 9/1/2020
kate mankoff donated $250 on 9/1/2020
Carla S donated $72 on 8/31/2020
Isaac K donated $18 on 8/25/2020
Susan Beckerman donated $36 on 8/21/2020
My maternal grandparents both came to the US from Belarus. I hope to visit there, ideally on a PK trip.
Shira P donated $1 on 8/19/2020
Shira P donated $1 on 8/17/2020
by Anonymous donated $54 on 8/13/2020