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Dear Friends of Project for Empty Space,

2017 has been an incredible whirlwind of activity for us. From starting a new Feminist Incubator Program, to exhibiting new works by our Artists in Residence Wardell Milan and Richard Hart, to presenting a project critiquing Mass Incarceration, we have endeavored on many exciting new adventures. As we enter our seventh year of programming, we are eager to explore the many new ways in which we can create new programs around social activism and art in our communities in Newark, New York, and beyond.

Much of our fervor this year has been prompted by a pervasive sense of anxiety and social discord. Many would say that 2017 was a year that has frequently been shrouded in doubt and darkness; however, like every cloud there is a silver lining. We have felt a renewed energy, solidarity, and interest in art and discourse. Each person that has crossed our path has touched us with a bit of his/her/their light.

So, as we close out this calendar year, we look to a better and brighter future. We hope you will continue to share your light with us as we endeavor on new programs to serve both artists and audiences. We invite you to participate in our Holiday Giving Challenge, Illuminate Empty Space 2017, with a donation towards one of our four major programs.  

No amount is too small; every little bit helps us grow brighter. Illuminate our space with a bit of your own light… You will see that it goes a long way.

With Light and Love,
Jasmine Wahi + Rebecca Pauline Jampol
Project For Empty Space

What is the PES Mission?
Project For Empty Space is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating safe and equitable spaces for audiences and artists alike. PES is committed to cultivating discourse around important social issues through the catalytic lens of contemporary art. Our mission is to promote artists whose work is oriented around social impact; and to initiate conversations that engage issues of marginality, intersectionality, and cultural tolerance. Through our work we strive to create exhibitions and programming in our spaces that dispel the notion that art is meant for one type of audience. Our aim is to encourage the idea that everyone should have equal opportunity to access art.  

What Are We Fundraising For? How Does It Impact Our Communities?
In addition to going to support our overall operations as a non-profit organization, contributions made during the Illuminate Empty Space 2017 Challenge go make the following programs possible. These programs were created to support emerging and mid-career artists, as well as our communities in the Newark/ New York area.

The PES Annual AIR Program: Our AIRs are invited to work in Newark for a year on a project oriented around social engagement, empowerment, and visibility. Artists are asked to engage with various communities as they develop their work. The residency concludes with an exhibition in the PES Gallery in Newark, during which the public is actively invited to enter the space and participate in a discourse prompted by the Resident’s work.

The PES Feminist-In-Residence short term Residency Program: Invites four female identified artists from any creative discipline (from writing, to theater, to visual arts and beyond) to occupy studio spaces where they expand upon a previous project, or begin a new project oriented around intersectional feminism and women’s empowerment.

Exhibitions: Not only is the PES Gallery a space for artists to share their work; but also a space for the public to come reflect, discuss, and engage with contemporary art. One of our aims with the physical gallery space is to encourage the public to feel welcome, and to dispel the myth that contemporary art is not for all people. We strive to create exhibitions that are both visually/conceptually strong and relevant to our communities.

During Illuminate Empty Space 2017, You can choose to make your gift specifically supporting one of these programs. Or you can donate generally and you contribution will be applied where they are most needed. All of our contributors will be listed on our website.

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