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By fostering long-lasting relationships between youth and STEM mentors in the after-school setting, students develop connections with caring adults who encourage them to discover, explore, and pursue STEM learning opportunities and careers. Challenged with poverty, under-resourced schools, and high rates of trauma, youth would otherwise seek economic solutions in arenas available to them, which often lead to violence. 

PE's programs are provided to youth for free at the West Side STEM Learning Center, partnering schools, and most recently, virtually in the comfort of student homes on PE's STEM@home platform. In participating, youth develop STEM skills and identities in high-quality programs which are not otherwise unavailable in the neighborhoods they live or are provided with barriers to accessing them, such as academic prerequisites or program fees. At the same time, PE leads the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative, which provides community-building connections for schools, students, and families served across the city.

Our efforts are working!

A ten year longitudinal study revealed that our students are three times more likely to enroll in a four-year college than their peers, and over one-third of Project Exploration alumni major in a STEM-related discipline

With your help, we can ensure continued, equitable access to STEM programs and careers to every Chicago student. Please consider a donation to our STEM Champion Fund today to open doors to opportunities for students underrepresented in the sciences.

Project Exploration is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Your gift directly supports our programs to ensure that communities traditionally overlooked by science - particularly minority youth and girls - can access transformative learning opportunities which set them up for success in school, their future careers, and life.  

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