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Project 16's Suited for Success

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The Project 16 mission is to equip and inspire youth ages 10-16 to realize the broad spectrum of educational paths and career options available to them beyond what they may see in their immediate surroundings. Through our programs and community partnerships, we seek to offer up close access, eye-opening experiences and educational tools to help children and teens aspire higher than their circumstances, and to dream big.

"Suited for Success" Workshops

With the help of volunteers and skills program facilitators, we provide valuable workshops designed to build confidence and teach young girls and boys about self-esteem, respecting others and etiquette, hygiene/grooming, professional presentation and attire, the traits of success, a tie tying demonstration (boys) and much more. Since implementing these workshops three years ago, we've continually received positive feedback from teachers and school administrators about the immediate impact this specific program has had on students. Through additional resources and partnerships, we hope to reach even more children and teens in 2019.