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Project 16's I Am What I See

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The Project 16 mission is to equip and inspire youth ages 10-16 to realize the broad spectrum of educational paths and career options available to them beyond what they may see in their immediate surroundings. Through our programs and community partnerships, we seek to offer up close access, eye-opening experiences and educational tools to help children and teens aspire higher than their circumstances, and to dream big.

"I Am What I See" Career Exploration Program

In 2018, we are introduced multiple "I Am What I See" Career Days to area elementary and middle schools as a part of our career exploration program to introduce students to unique career possibilities with the help of local dynamic professionals and mentors. Through these independent events and partnerships around the metroplex, professionals from a wide range of industries are able to speak to large assemblies and classrooms of students to share their personal journeys and educational paths that equipped them to become passionate entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, medical professionals and more. The significance of introducing children to careers outside of what they typically see in their daily environments cannot be understated, and we've seen the impact of these introductions lead to freshly inspired dreams and ambitions.
Join us in planting seeds of professional excellence!