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Hands-on art making is at the heart of Pratt’s mission. Every day in Pratt’s studios, artists print, paint,
pound, polish,punty-up and play. Students try their hand at glassblowing, woodworking, flameworking,
metalsmithing, casting, stonecarving, welding, blacksmithing, drawing and more. As the only publicly
accessible environment of its kind in the region, Pratt is a community touchstone.

Please lend a hand. Your 100% tax deductible gift to Pratt’s annual fund ensures that artists, makers,
and life-long learners of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds have a place to explore and create. Your
gift also ensures that Pratt can continue to offer free public exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, events,
and merit- and need-based scholarships and tuition assistance. We need your support to meet a growing
demand and keep our programs accessible.

                                   Make your gift today and help us reach our goal.

All images by Alec Miller of Alec Miller Arts, except images #3 (teen painting student) and #9 (youth painting student) by Myra Kaha
and image #4 (jewelry/metalsmithing artist) by David Lindes.