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Wade H donated $50 on 6/29/2019
Susan C donated $100 on 6/28/2019
Help support this, so we can get GREAT food at restaurants that are healthy, oil free, vegan, and plant based.
Sally L donated $75 on 6/28/2019
Alice R donated $20 on 6/27/2019
Happy Birthday to Holly!
Andrea E donated $100 on 6/23/2019
richard b donated $500 on 6/20/2019
Drs Klaper,McDougall,Esselstyn,Barnard,Campbell ,Ornish ,Goldhamer are heroes saving lives promoting "its the food,stupid"
Sally L donated $10 on 6/8/2019
Supporting each other in our WFPB journeys and working toward communities of health!
Kathy T donated $100 on 5/30/2019
Could not find a reason to not support this amazing work.
Janet F donated $100 on 5/12/2019
In honor of Arthur Finkel and Jody Kass for spreading the Vegan Message and helping the Animals to prevent suffering.
Janet finkel F donated $100 on 5/12/2019
In honor of Jody Kass has helped Yoram and Janet to learn about the Vegan World!
Philip B donated $25 on 5/8/2019
Deborah M donated $25 on 4/30/2019