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Bill D donated $10.74 on 11/17/2019
Teresa G donated $21.12 on 11/9/2019
Lianna L donated $1037.87 on 10/7/2019
Phillip C donated $50 on 9/29/2019
I have been a vegan for 3 years, and it has totally changed my life. I know this will help every American, or every person on our planet.
Yesenia G donated $50 on 9/21/2019
After watching your video, Forks Over Knife, it helped me put the puzzle pieces together. Now I know what is best for my health & our planet
Martha F donated $52.25 on 9/10/2019
Been plantbased 9 months and feel wonderful!! My spouse has no more migraines, acid reflux or neuropathy of his feet!!! Thank you!!
Don F donated $104.12 on 8/26/2019