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50 in 5 Campaign - Year One

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Amount raised: C$260,805

Amount left: C$104,195

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by Anonymous donated C$100 on 4/1/2018
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 2/12/2018
nancy spracher donated C$100 on 12/22/2017
i had the opportunity to eat in the cafe and listen to alice's experience before and after becoming part of this community.
by Anonymous donated C$25 on 12/22/2017
by Anonymous donated C$1000 on 10/23/2017
Given with a nod to CEO Filbert of Tanzania for being that great promoter of Planeterra!
Christina donated C$130 on 6/3/2017
Tim Knight donated C$35 on 2/1/2017
In support of Stirling Wier's Barefoot for India Campaign
Andrew and Marian Issekutz donated C$200 on 1/10/2017
by Anonymous donated C$50 on 1/1/2017
Stan Lau donated C$200 on 12/31/2016
Nina Patel donated C$200 on 12/31/2016
James & Joann Barry donated C$50 on 12/30/2016
We would like this donation to go towards the masia mara clean stove project
Joann & James Barry donated C$50 on 12/30/2016
We would like this donation to fund the installation of a clean cook stove for a masia mara family
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 12/29/2016
Logansmom donated C$50 on 12/28/2016
Sounds like you are helping in many needed places ! Good for your organization.
Benjamin and Aiden donated C$50 on 12/28/2016
My handsome grandsons - 2 years and 5 months and 5 months - love of my life.
Julie Volgas donated C$50 on 12/26/2016
by Anonymous donated C$200 on 12/24/2016
Kristine A donated C$390 on 12/23/2016
Abbie M donated C$150 on 12/23/2016
G adventures inspired me to donate to Planeterra, thank you for all you have done to help in the world!