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Jillian H donated C$33 on 8/24/2019
Francisco Sabate (CEO from Atlantic to Andes) was sure to inform the groups about Planeterra’s work.
Erwin W donated C$100 on 8/24/2019
becca d donated C$55 on 8/23/2019
Garage Sale 2019 - Wii U console + some other things :)
Tanya M donated C$10 on 8/23/2019
Basecamp garage sale
Vanda F donated C$10 on 8/23/2019
Alanna W donated C$20 on 8/23/2019
Base Camp Garage Sale
Irene G donated C$5 on 8/23/2019
Garage Sale 2019
Lisa P donated C$15 on 8/23/2019
Base Camp garage sale
Kristopher M donated C$5 on 8/23/2019
Base Camp Garage sale
Rachael L donated C$10 on 8/23/2019
Garage Sale
Evgenii K donated C$5 on 8/23/2019
** The Base Camp Garage Sale ** for the books
Tanya M donated C$10 on 8/23/2019
Basecamp Garage sale
Vanessa V donated C$19.65 on 8/21/2019
Erwin S donated C$50 on 8/21/2019
Gulnoza U donated C$166 on 8/21/2019
I have hosted a group dinner and raffled the G flag, sending the money I have raised for Planeterra here.
Manuel S donated C$25 on 8/20/2019
In behalf of the group GAPJGS190804-O1
Michaela M donated C$250 on 8/20/2019
CEO in the Wild West! Raised roughly $200 USD on last tour of the NUYH
Cara O donated C$20 on 8/19/2019
Planterra Head Shots
Piet d donated C$190 on 8/16/2019
DSENG190808 Auction of wine and G Flag
Crystal B donated C$30 on 8/15/2019
MICHAEL F donated C$100 on 8/15/2019
Thomas B donated C$80.51 on 8/15/2019
Connie M donated C$50 on 8/14/2019
I’m so happy that Planeterra is making a difference in the lives of so many people.
Juan Carlos M donated C$106 on 8/13/2019
This is a flag raisin donation on behalf of all the beautiful group members from our trip GAPCGME190731-O1
Donnacha M donated C$20 on 8/10/2019