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Planeterra Emergency Response

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Alyson H donated C$100 on 4/2/2020
Cyril Duport donated C$250 on 4/1/2020
Dyann L donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
Grace D donated C$256 on 4/1/2020
Michael B donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
S H donated C$53.91 on 4/1/2020
Jayce donated C$50 on 4/1/2020
by Anonymous donated C$20 on 3/31/2020
by Anonymous donated C$30 on 3/31/2020
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 3/31/2020
Gary Armstrong donated C$50 on 3/31/2020
Important now more than ever to support our community partners globally.
Anne and Roger Saltman donated C$30 on 3/30/2020
Elizabeth G donated C$50 on 3/30/2020
I’m always impressed by the work Planeterra is doing throughout the world . I truly hope this crisis ends soon. Thank you
Dan & Audrey donated C$50 on 3/30/2020
We've visited a few Planeterra projects & have seen the positive impact they have on the local community. Lots of love and support to them!
Emma J donated C$50 on 3/30/2020
Sarah N donated C$15 on 3/30/2020
Edwin M donated C$15.46 on 3/30/2020
Julia S donated C$50 on 3/29/2020
Luisa donated C$30 on 3/29/2020
Kerry donated C$70 on 3/28/2020
So happy to support your incredible projects at this difficult time. Keep up the good work
Bethany D donated C$25 on 3/27/2020
HENRY PRADO donated C$20 on 3/27/2020
We will be back"
Joanne G donated C$50 on 3/26/2020
Nick R donated C$110 on 3/26/2020
JackieG donated C$30 on 3/26/2020