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Climbing Kilimanjaro- Leah Whitfield

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Amount raised: C$830

Amount left: C$4,170

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Neil R donated $10 on 11/27/2019
You can do it, Leah! I hope there are a few Pret's on the way up the mountain to stop at! Looking forward to the victory photos!
Gurmehar R donated $50 on 11/20/2019
You got this Leah!! Also, make sure you get to the top before BY does!!
Derek W donated $100 on 11/20/2019
Good luck, Leah - make sure you use your own boots!!. Wish I was coming with you. Lots of love. Pops x
peter d donated $100 on 11/14/2019
Best of luck buddy, am sure it will be an incredible adventure to remember always! * * Cash only when you plant that flag!
Adam C donated $40 on 11/11/2019
Good luck Leah!
Kuldeep K donated $50 on 11/11/2019
Katherine B donated $50 on 11/9/2019
Tanya K donated $50 on 11/9/2019
May The Force be with you. Amazing thing you’re doing!
Robert S donated $30 on 11/9/2019
Best of luck with the Climb!
Wayne E donated $20 on 11/9/2019
Welldone Leah! You are amazing.... 💪🏻
Jennifer B donated $200 on 11/9/2019
A pleasure to support your work
Elie S donated $100 on 11/9/2019
Sally B donated $10 on 10/31/2019
Good luck Leah, not sure what the csmoney is so hope I haven’t bank ruptured is here 😂😂
Michael B donated $20 on 10/31/2019