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50 in 5 (Year 3)

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Sarah O’Keefe donated C$120 on 6/15/2019
Vanessa Valenzuela donated C$1 on 6/12/2019
Vanessa V donated C$132.97 on 6/12/2019
Sungate On-tour Fundraising
Jack Meas donated C$5 on 6/12/2019
I am happy to sharing
by Anonymous donated C$88 on 6/10/2019
by Anonymous donated C$151 on 6/8/2019
by Anonymous donated C$750 on 6/7/2019
Beatriz donated C$85 on 6/6/2019
My amazing group helped me raise $85 CAD for planeterra after I did chocolate facials
Caroline Munshaw donated C$50 on 6/6/2019
I am so encouraged by your support of these incredibly innovative and resilient entrepreneurs!
Jennifer A donated C$25 on 5/31/2019
Guy Delorme donated C$175 on 5/31/2019
Flag fund raising in the jungle through trips GAPCGAC190426-01 and GAPCMCA190518-O1
Tina S donated C$15 on 5/30/2019
Mari Ohara donated C$20 on 5/29/2019
Jungle Office donated C$750 on 5/29/2019
Flag raising, raffles, etc.
Shoichi Maruyama donated C$20.31 on 5/28/2019
Anne Stilwill donated C$5 on 5/28/2019
Rhea Simms donated C$10 on 5/28/2019
Victoria Houle donated C$45 on 5/27/2019
Bought some Peru sol from Planeterra
Ilyas Bayrak donated C$20 on 5/27/2019