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Denis A donated C$16 on 4/23/2019
by Anonymous donated C$11.25 on 4/23/2019
Sonia Mayor Alonso donated C$80 on 4/23/2019
We got to raise 60USD in a G flag raise with my Volcano Trail group starting in Antigua on the 7/4 and finishing in San Jose on the 23/4 :)
Bea zavsla donated C$55 on 4/22/2019
My passengers donated for flag raising yeii!
Guy Delorme donated C$110 on 4/22/2019
Flag fund raising! The mayans!
Chadwick Kirst donated C$400.24 on 4/22/2019
Giulia C donated C$50 on 4/21/2019
Amount raised through Flagraising and donated through the website by myself the CEO
by Anonymous donated C$100 on 4/19/2019
I would like my donation to go to the Bhakti Senang Hati Foundation, if possible.
Benjamin Fridman donated C$5 on 4/18/2019
Heather Voisin donated C$400 on 4/18/2019
Heather's Polar Plunge
Ron Seftel donated C$350 on 4/18/2019
Lauren K donated C$40 on 4/17/2019
Thank you Udai!!!
Renzo donated C$38 on 4/17/2019
Louis Levesque donated C$10 on 4/17/2019
Love the Planeterra Bake Sale😍
Ava K donated C$5 on 4/17/2019
BaseCamp Bake Sale
Janina Enrile donated C$5 on 4/17/2019
Shereen Mroueh donated C$5 on 4/17/2019
by Anonymous donated C$10 on 4/17/2019
Planeterra Bake Sale donation.
Lauren K donated C$5 on 4/17/2019
Satvir D donated C$20 on 4/17/2019
Planeterra Bake Sale
Rhea Simms donated C$5 on 4/17/2019
Manuel Sáenz donated C$50 on 4/17/2019
Flag raising group CGME190403
Jess Tucker donated C$10 on 4/17/2019
Easter Bake sale
Erwin Sasmito donated C$20 on 4/17/2019
Yum yum Bake Sale at G Adventures . I love what you do Planeterra!