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Planeterra International Foundation

G Adventures and Planeterra are planning some big things for the next five years and we want to you be part of the action. Together, we can make the world a little more perfect.

Browse through the campaigns below to find a cause that is close to your heart. You can make a personal contribution to the campaign or or launch a personalized fundraisering page to share with your own networks. Help spread the good word!

Change Makers - Future Project Fundraiser

The Belikin La Ruta Maya Fundraising

Beaches and Beyond fundraiser

The Greatest Name Ever Sold

Tribute fund for Christina Song

Ambassador of Change-2020

Climbing Kilimanjaro- Team2019

Climbing Kilimanjaro - Sam Conway

Climbing Kilimanjaro- Leah Whitfield

Climbing Kilimanjaro Tanya Airey

Climbing Kilimanjaro Andy Harmer

500 Challenge Campaign

Climbing Kilimanjaro Chris Mottershead

Climbing Kilimanjaro Lisa McAuley

Climbing Kilimanjaro Jacqueline Dobson

Climbing Kilimanjaro Miles Morgan

Climbing Kilimanjaro Brian Young

Empowering Women Youth in Medellin, Colombia

Wide Horizons Travel

Love the Way You Travel

On Trip Fundraising (Staff)

Giapo Supports Planeterra

Our Whole Village Supports Planeterra

50 in 5 Campaign- Year Two

50 in 5 Campaign - Year One

The Kingdom Change4Change