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Phoenix Leadership Foundation

Our mission is simple: Exposure.

For so many of our young men, the only world they know is the ten square blocks between home and school. Many have never left their neighborhood, get excited about riding on the highway, and are not even aware of the many jewels of Atlanta, right in their own backyard.

Our goal is to expose them to something new. Mentors. New experiences, places and lessons. Surround them with positive role models, take them camping in the Georgia mountains or take them to perform at a Christmas concert on the other side of town. Get them outfitted in new suits then introduce them to professionals leaders of Atlanta.

With school dropout rates and incarceration rates steadily increasing, we know we cannot afford not to act.

Through the Phoenix Leadership Foundation, we believe that by showing young men what they can be - EXPOSING them to bright, positive futures - we as a community can change lives.