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As a supporting member of the Peninsula Trails Coalition, you play a key role in helping to build and maintain a legacy for future generations on the North Olympic Peninsula: the Olympic Discovery Trail.

PTC membership is how you show local jurisdictions, landowners, and funding agencies that you value the continued growth of the Olympic Discovery Trail from Port Townsend to the Pacific.

As a PTC member, you're invited to our annual membership meeting, held each spring. 
You'll also receive the official PTC newsletter, Trail Notes, three times per year, as well as regular email updates with news from and about the Olympic Discovery Trail. 

Since 1988, volunteers with the Peninsula Trails Coalition (a 501(c)(3) organization) have been hard at work planning, building, and maintaining the Olympic Discovery Trail, a nonmotorized multiuse trail spanning Washington's Olympic Peninsula.

The trail is a catalyst for recreation, tourism, public health, and economic development. It exists because we work together as volunteers.

Your membership dues help fund all of these important things and more:

- Route acquisition studies
- Trailhead and kiosk construction
- Trailside amenities: Map boxes, portapotties, dog stations
- Tools, gas, and refreshments for volunteer work parties
- Mowers and leaf blowers
- General maintenance: bollards, painting, bridge repairs, culvert/tree clearing
- Signage
- Online outreach
- And more

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