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Every year, Beyond These Walls supports hundreds of LGBTQ prisoners around the country (with a special emphasis on prisoners in the Pacific NW). And every holiday season, we work to ensure that everyone in our network receives a handwritten letter of support and love. Our Holiday Card Project is the best way to send the message to an incarcerated community member, to let them know that they are loved, that they are not forgotten, and that we are proud to stand with them as part of our community. 

In order to make this critical project a success, and to support the rest of our work year-round (including our Trans Leadership Program, our Penpal Program, and our Case Management Program), we need you to take action! In addition to signing up as a penpal or sending a card to a prisoner, you can make a donation today that will directly support the day-to-day operations of Beyond These Walls. 

We are called Beyond These Walls because we believe in community without conditions. We believe that our connection to each other reaches through and across boundaries. We believe in a world where everyone is free, and until that happens we fight for a world where every member of the LGBTQ community, imprisoned or free, has a strong and supportive community standing with them. 

Donation amounts: 

$10 represents the average sentence of 10 years that LGBTQ prisoners are currently serving (versus the national average of 2.9 years)

$29 represents the 29% of LGBTQ prisoners who finished high school before being incarcerated (versus the national average of 84%

$65 represents the 65% of LGBTQ prisoners who were "out" before they were incarcerated (45% have spent their entire out existence behind bars)

$296 represents the 296 prisoners served by Beyond These Walls every year