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Chinatown Adventure (CHAD) seeks to enrich and improve the quality of life for low-income youth in Boston’s Chinatown through a commitment to the academic, social, and personal development of its campers. CHAD fights summer learning loss by reinforcing and strengthening campers’ academic skills, and promotes personal growth among its campers through activities that develop fundamental social skills, healthy identities, cross-cultural awareness, and social consciousness.
CHAD partners with PBHA’s term-time Chinatown programs, including Chinatown Afterschool and Chinatown Big Sibling, to offer youth continuous academic, social, and personal support throughout the school year. CHAD operates in the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association in Boston’s Chinatown. The program is open to young people living in Chinatown, particularly in the Mass Pike Towers, Castle Square, Oak Terrace, Metropolitan, and Tai Tung Village housing developments.

Hey Everyone!

This will be my fourth year in CHAD. For the past three years, I was a counselor for rising eighth graders teaching math and literacy skills as well as identity development. This year, I am serving as a director for the program.  Throughout my years here, I have learned to write curriculums and engage my students in spaces of work that they normally wouldn't encounter in school. CHAD is a six-week program that serves 70 low-income youth in Chinatown from grades 1-7 to prevent summer learning loss and helps academic and personal development. It serves as a space where young people can feel safe, make friends and connections, and experience fun field trips. By keeping our costs low (at $140 per student for the entire six weeks), we make sure that money is not an obstacle to their opportunities. That means that in order to make sure that CHAD can function at its best, we have to rely on outside sources for the costs of material. A donation of any amount is welcome and if you cannot donate, please spread the word of our campaign! We appreciate your generosity :)