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Summer Urban Program 2020

Fundraising global stats: 84% left

Amount raised: $16,454

Amount left: $83,546

PBHA's Summer Urban Program (SUP) is a network of 10 summer day camps and an evening ESL program for immigrant and refugee teens, serving several housing developments and underserved populations in Boston and Cambridge. Though the coronavirus emergency has meant moving SUP online this year, our students and staff remain committed to providing a high-quality summer experience to our youth that furthers their academic skill development, social and emotional learning, and community connection.

At a time when so many of the institutions on which our families rely - school, afterschool programs, community centers - have shut down, it is critical that SUP be there for them again this summer to create a positive virtual space in which their children can maintain social connections, further their learning, and strengthen their a sense of community. SUP will be there for our children and families this summer. Please help us by being there for SUP.    

SUP will cost a total of $1.2 million this summer, and we are hoping to raise at least $100,000 of that through this online campaign to meet the needs of our students, campers, and families.

Ways to Support SUP
° Make a gift to SUP in the donation box at the right of this page. 
° Make a gift to a specific SUP camp or related program by using the links below. 
° Donate an item, become a sponsor, or register to attend the 17th annual SUP Auction, running online from May 1-15.

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