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Roxbury Youth Initiative 2020

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Roxbury Youth Initiative (RYI) strives to create a safe, exciting, scholarly, and positive learning environment for Roxbury’s children by collaborating with community members, parents, children, and a network of social service organizations to offer a seven-week, community-based, academic summer camp. RYI promotes and encourages academic and personal excellence by instilling the importance of community activism, consciousness, and education in the youth of Roxbury.

RYI works closely with PBHA’s Roxbury Youth Initiative Term program to offer youth continuous academic, social, and personal support throughout the school year.

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by Anonymous donated $109 on 6/27/2020
Donations from Earrings Over Easy sales!
Jenn O'Brien donated $250 on 6/22/2020
Venmo donations from Mom & Dad, Grammy, Edward, Ruth, Morey, Caleigh, Cayla, Meg, Alexa, & Chirag <3
Sydney Jenkins donated $100 on 6/20/2020
I love and miss RYI so much! So glad it's still happening.
Tony Do donated $5 on 6/18/2020
Samira J donated $50 on 6/18/2020
Pat donated $40 on 6/18/2020
Sending love, luck, and best wishes your way.
Robin M donated $25 on 6/18/2020
Chloe Ann Reandelar donated $35 on 6/18/2020
imy ur doing amazing sweaty
RP donated $50 on 6/18/2020
Keep doing amazing work for kids!
Stephan Pierre donated $50 on 6/14/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 6/9/2020
Aunt Lisa donated $125 on 6/8/2020
Sam Hooper donated $100 on 6/7/2020
Keep up the great work Camryn
by Anonymous donated $25 on 6/5/2020
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Aunt Sandra donated $50 on 6/4/2020
Godma Michelle donated $100 on 6/4/2020
Taylor SH donated $50 on 5/31/2020
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always proud of you
Nneka donated $20 on 5/29/2020
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