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Roxbury Youth Initiative 2019

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Roxbury Youth Initiative (RYI) strives to create a safe, exciting, scholarly, and positive learning environment for Roxbury’s children by collaborating with community members, parents, children, and a network of social service organizations to offer a seven-week, community-based, academic summer camp. RYI promotes and encourages academic and personal excellence by instilling the importance of community activism, consciousness, and education in the youth of Roxbury.

RYI works closely with PBHA’s Roxbury Youth Initiative Term program to offer youth continuous academic, social, and personal support throughout the school year.

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Melissa & Chris Harris donated $50 on 4/23/2019
Keep making us proud!!!
Ate donated $25 on 4/23/2019
Beth Ann Dahan donated $25 on 4/22/2019
Aruna Pillai donated $30 on 4/21/2019
Lillian Swanstrom donated $50 on 4/20/2019
Sam Hooper donated $250 on 4/20/2019
Deborah R Armstrong donated $25 on 4/20/2019
LT donated $40 on 4/19/2019
Mayukha K donated $10 on 4/19/2019
Betty Gau donated $25 on 4/19/2019
Sammie donated $10 on 4/19/2019
we love to support southside and RYI
Maribel donated $10 on 4/19/2019
MJ donated $20 on 4/17/2019
Nate donated $20 on 4/17/2019
Dr. O'Brien donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Ming Li W donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Adelson donated $10 on 4/16/2019
fa da kids
Maha A donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Gabriel donated $20 on 4/16/2019
RYI, touch the sky ~
Miri donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Maddie donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Lex donated $10 on 4/16/2019
Welcome to RYI and good luck fundraising!
Marisela L donated $20 on 4/15/2019
Shaquanda Brown donated $100 on 4/15/2019
Thank you for carrying on the good work ✊🏾 #RYIforever
Aunt Sandra donated $50 on 4/15/2019