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PBHA "Where It's Needed Most"

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Thanks to so many of you, Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) has been able to grow and thrive for more than a century, providing vital programming to local communities and powerful leadership development to generations of students.

Since 1904, much has changed at PBHA. But from our early efforts in Boston’s settlement houses to our 80+ programs and 1,400 volunteers today, we have always remained true to our mission. We will continue to do so as we address new priorities, like expanding summer opportunities for students fighting summer learning loss, teaching ESL, combating youth and adult homelessness, and using advocacy to effect structural change. PBHA is adapting to meet expressed needs, working with our partners on the ground and hand in hand to build them, and us, from the bottom up.

When you support PBHA, you are supporting service that transforms twice – transforming local communities while transforming students who go on to become the next generation of leaders, changemakers, and advocates. Thank you for being a part of a century of excellence.

*Gifts of $250+ will be acknowledged in PBHA's annual report.