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Mission Hill Summer Program 2017

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PBHA’s Mission Hill Summer Program (MHSP) provides an affordable, engaging seven-week academic summer program in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood.

Like all of PBHA's Summer Urban Program camps, Mission Hill Summer Program engages campers in mornings of academic enrichment, afternoons of educational field trips, and artistic, cultural, and service-learning workshops throughout the week, along with two overnight camping trips and a day-long final trip. In addition to a focus on academic and personal growth, Mission Hill Summer Program works to build community both within Mission Hill and between neighborhoods, collaborating with PBHA’s Keylatch Summer Program for a violence prevention program between young people in Mission Hill and the South End’s Villa Victoria.

Founded in 1989 at the request of Mission Hill parents, Mission Hill Summer Program has become an institution in the community, developing deep partnerships with parents and community-based organizations. The strength of PBHA volunteers’ year-round involvement in Mission Hill allows for long-term connections with children and consistent resources for the parents of Mission Hill.

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Ashley & Tia Cristy donated $50 on 6/26/2017
We are so proud of what you are doing for these kids! Love you! I hope this still helps you out!
by Anonymous donated $10 on 6/18/2017
awelch, you're incredible. keep being you :)
Xavier donated $25 on 6/16/2017
Have a great summer!!!
Ted Araya donated $100 on 6/11/2017
Keep up the great work Amany!
Nick Tarantino donated $20 on 6/9/2017
Good luck guys!
Rachel K donated $15 on 6/8/2017
yahhh SUP!!!
by Anonymous donated $10 on 6/7/2017
Have an awesome summer!
by Anonymous donated $60 on 6/6/2017
for Tanisha
Susan Barba donated $150 on 6/5/2017
All the best wishes to Mission Hill Camp participants and Ali Welch!
Daniel & Angelica donated $135 on 6/3/2017
It's really nice what your doing for the kids. We are happy to help for a good cause.
Jorge Santana donated $50 on 6/3/2017
Mish What!?
Cyatharine donated $10 on 6/3/2017
Have an awesome summer!
Tanner Skenderian donated $50 on 6/2/2017
Sup, SUP? For the kids :)
Mose Nadly Menard donated $50 on 5/31/2017
Good luck, Tanisha!
by Anonymous donated $30 on 5/30/2017
for my daughter, Tanisha
Rel donated $25 on 5/26/2017
Wonderful work
Emily Nip donated $10 on 5/23/2017
Love you Thalia! So glad you're doing MHSP :)
Shira Li donated $10 on 5/22/2017
Hope the kiddos have fun :)
Eduardo donated $50 on 5/21/2017
Thalía espero que si llegues a la meta para los chiquititos un orgullo que hagas esto cuídate mucho atte. Paty
Rosie Rueda donated $50 on 5/21/2017
Thalia my love I am so proud of you and your dedication to the children of Mission Hill. May God continue blessing your commitment.
Tia & Tio Garcia donated $200 on 5/21/2017
So proud of you mija. These children are blessed to have you as their mentor.
Celia Ramirez donated $50 on 5/20/2017
May God bless your mission
Isidro y Maria Ramirez donated $100 on 5/20/2017
Estamos muy orgullosos de ti princesa por todo lo qué haces y por esta noble causa te queremos mucho El Señor te bendiga en todos tus planes
Eduardo donated $200 on 5/20/2017
Is an honor to be able to donate to such an amazing program thank you Thalia for caring so much for all the kids from Mission Hill..
by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/17/2017
Best of luck and God bless