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Mission Hill After School Program 2018

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Amount raised: $1,309

Amount left: $1,691

Mission Hill After School Program (MHASP) is Boston’s oldest and largest student-run after school program and serves 60 students ages five to 16 living in Mission Hill. MHASP's three primary goals are to provide a safe and positive environment; facilitate student empowerment and agency; and support academic and socioemotional growth through homework help and enrichment curricula.
Donations will support the growth and diversification of our program library (above), more exciting and enriching program-wide field trips, and community-wide events such as a Culture Fair. This year, we are also fundraising for our Junior Counselor Program (below). Through this program, high-school students from Mission Hill and surrounding areas - some of whom graduated from MHASP themselves - work with and serve as role models and mentors to our younger students. Junior counselors are compensated for their work, so we are raising funds to maintain and expand the size of the program.
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Camilla Suarez donated $15 on 11/27/2018
Camilla Suarez donated $15 on 11/27/2018
Sarah A loves Sarah C donated $50 on 11/17/2018
lived in/around Mission Hill for several years before I became a proctor. love what you're doing Sarah!
Belinda Hu donated $10 on 11/4/2018
Malcolm donated $16 on 11/4/2018
Cale donated $15 on 11/4/2018
Grace H! donated $10 on 11/4/2018
by Anonymous donated $250 on 10/13/2018
Sarah Lagan donated $10 on 10/11/2018
Anonymous donated $100 on 10/11/2018
In honor of the devoted and fantastic MHASP staff and wonderful students!
by Anonymous donated $250 on 10/11/2018
by Anonymous donated $30 on 10/8/2018
Kelly Rose donated $100 on 10/6/2018
Bakken donated $25 on 10/6/2018
Happy Birthday Cami!
❤️kim and tate donated $20 on 9/29/2018
Thank you Veronica - for your service to your community and the world those kids will someday rule. It matters and you are Awesome!
Chandni Prasad donated $125 on 9/27/2018
by Anonymous donated $100 on 9/27/2018
Marilyn Simon Rothstein donated $18 on 9/26/2018
The Eskenazi Family donated $25 on 9/26/2018
Amazing dedication and commitment Veronica. You are making a difference in children’s lives. ❤️
Carol and Barry Loigman donated $25 on 9/25/2018
by Anonymous donated $100 on 9/25/2018