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Leaders! 2019

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PBHA's Leaders! offers year-round employment, mentoring, leadership development, and individual support to at- and high-risk youth ages 14 to 18.  During the summer, Leaders! employs 90-100  Greater Boston youth as junior counselors in 11 neighborhood summer camps. After a week of intensive training (ongoing throughout the summer), they are paired with college-student senior counselors to teach a class of 10 children. In addition to teaching, the youth meet in small groups with one or more of the five Leaders! directors in weekly workshops on college access and leadership development. They also meet 1-1 with directors to set and meet the goals outlined in their Individualized Support Plans (ISPs). In an ongoing effort to bridge divisions between rival Boston neighborhoods, all 90-100 youth work together to plan and run a Midsummer Celebration bringing together more than 1,000 people from across the city.


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Have a great summer, everyone; teach, learn, have fun!
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