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Keylatch Summer Program 2020

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Keylatch Summer Program (KSP) offers an affordable and engaging summer camp to young people living in Boston’s South End and Lower Roxbury communities.

The Keylatch Committee, of which Keylatch Summer is a major part, has provided consistent, year-round programming for youth in the South End since 1984 at the request of residents, students and parents. The program has expanded to include children from all areas of the South End and Lower Roxbury community, particularly six public housing developments where access to resources and support is difficult: the Villa Victoria, Cathedral, Castle Square, Lenox, Camden, and Tent City housing developments. As the community evolves and responds to different pressures, Keylatch will continue to adapt to the needs of the community in order to continue to work closely with youth and their families to empower community members and create social change. The 30+ years of Keylatch Summer history in the South End have been characterized by safe, enriching, and academically oriented programming, as well as by a commitment to build community leadership.

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