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Harvard Square Homeless Shelter 2019 Appeal

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Please Support People Experiencing Homelessness in Harvard Square!

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS) is a student-run homeless shelter operating out of the basement of University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square. We serve 24 men and women every night for the five-and-a-half coldest months of the year, from November to mid-April. Our operating staff consists entirely of student volunteers, who dedicate their time and energy during the academic year to providing a safe, clean, welcoming space to our guests, as well as meals and snacks throughout the night.

We strive to provide our guests with resources and services that will help them successfully transition into housing. In addition, we run a Street Outreach program, in order to offer food and warm clothing to individuals in Harvard Square who are not staying with us. In all our efforts, we hope to ensure a sense of dignity that is often absent when people have been maltreated or stigmatized because they are homeless.

Almost half of our yearly operating budget comes from donations from generous individuals and organizations. Your support is critical to our continued ability to remain open and serve the community in Harvard Square during the colder months. For a limited time, the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to assisting our shelter, has agreed to match donations up to $5,000. Please consider donating and doubling your support for us!

From the staff at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter – thank you!