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Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment 2021

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Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment (BRYE) began in 1987 as a resource for Boston’s Vietnamese community. Today, BRYE serves all of Dorchester’s refugees and immigrants, especially the Vietnamese, Dominican, Haitian, and Cape Verdean populations. BRYE is the only non-Boston Public School program that is recognized as a substitute for summer school, helping many of its students get promoted to the next grade level.

BRYE campers are referred to us through Boston Public School teachers and administrators, social workers and partner community organizations for out-of-school ESL education. Beyond learning English, our youth also face the challenges of integrating themselves into American culture while maintaining their own cultural roots. In addition to ESL enrichment, BRYE emphasizes peaceful conflict resolution and cultural diversity appreciation to mitigate the prevalence of neighborhood violence and racial tensions between the diverse ethnic groups in Boston.

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