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Phillips Brooks House Association, Inc.

Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is a student-run, community-based, nonprofit organization (04-6046123) based on the Harvard campus.

For more than a century, PBHA has provided vital experiences for generations of students in service and activism, while simultaneously offering programming in Greater Boston that meets stated community needs. Each year, 1,400 students join with PBHA’s community partners to run 80+ social service and social action programs.


STAGE Spring Appeal 2020

Adult ESOL Program 2020

Junior Leaders in Communities 2020

South Boston Outreach Summer 2020

Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment 2020

Roxbury Youth Initiative 2020

Native American Youth Enrichment Program 2020

Mission Hill Summer Program 2020

Keylatch Summer Program 2020

Franklin I-O Summer 2020

Cambridge Youth Enrichment Program 2020

Chinatown Adventure 2020

Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment 2020

Summer Urban Program 2020

PBHA "Where It's Needed Most"

Mission Hill After School Program (MHASP) 2019-2020

SCAS Alumni Appeal 2019--2020