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Phillips Brooks House Association, Inc.

Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is a student-run, community-based, nonprofit public service organization affiliated with Harvard College.

For more than a century, PBHA has provided vital experiences for generations of students in service and activism, while simultaneously offering programming in Greater Boston that meets stated community needs. Each year, 1,500 students join with PBHA’s community partners to run 80+ social service and social action programs.


PBHA’s Summer Urban Program, or SUP, is a network of 10 summer camps operating at 11 different sites across Boston and Cambridge that runs for seven weeks each summer. SUP is staffed by 130 college students and 100 local high-schoolers and welcomes more than 800 young people ages five to 19. SUP offers mornings of academic enrichment, afternoons of educational field trips, and artistic, cultural, and service-learning workshops throughout the week, along with an overnight camping trip and a day-long final trip.

Every summer, approximately 90% of SUP’s campers and junior counselors receive free school meals, while more than 50% live in public or subsidized housing. Nearly all live in the Circle of Promise or neighborhoods in Cambridge, Chinatown and South Boston impacted by poverty, substance abuse, and violence, with more than half hailing from one of the five neighborhoods identified by as “hot spots” of youth violence.

All but three of SUP’s 11 sites are neighborhood-based. Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment and Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment both target low English proficiency youth from more than 15 countries and are accepted by the Boston Public Schools as alternatives to summer school. Native American Youth Enrichment Program is the only summer camp in Massachusetts dedicated to meeting the specific academic, cultural, and social needs of Native American youth.


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