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Phillips Brooks House Association, Inc.

The Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is a student-run, community-based, nonprofit public service organization at Harvard University.

Every summer, PBHA students run 12 summer camps across Boston and Cambridge, known collectively as the Summer Urban Program. These neighborhood-based camps provide academic support, field trips, and mentorship to 1000+ youth and teens.


The Summer Urban Program is run by 130 college students who serve as directors and senior counselors, or teachers, in each camp.

Directors oversee all camp operations, working through the spring and summer to train and supervise camp staff, manage finances, and ensure high program quality. Learn more about directing SUP.

Senior counselors manage a classroom of 10 children throughout the summer, implementing a self-designed academic curriculum, supervising field trips and community service projects, and supporting the operations of their camp. Learn more about working as a senior counselor.

In addition to its college-age staff, SUP employs 90 high school students as junior counselors. Teens partner with a senior counselor to co-teach a class and participate in leadership workshops throughout the summer. The majority of our junior counselors once attended the same camp in which they work, and nearly all have grown up in the neighborhoods served by their camp. Learn more about working as a junior counselor.