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Phillips Brooks House Association, Inc.

Phillips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is a student-run, community-based, nonprofit public service organization located on the campus of Harvard University.

Every summer, PBHA students run 11 summer camps in Boston and Cambridge, which are known collectively as the Summer Urban Program. These neighborhood-based camps provide academic support, field trips, and mentorship to 900+ low-income youth.

SUP convinced me that teaching is what I was born to do. - BRYE Senior Conselor

PBHA's Summer Urban Program has been fighting summer learning loss and building meaningful community in Boston and Cambridge for more than 30 years.

Like all of PBHA’s youth programs, SUP builds positive relationships with youth, families, and community partners to ensure that young people in Boston and Cambridge can develop the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to define, access, and achieve their own success in and beyond our programs. PBHA’s youth programs strive to achieve the following long-term outcomes: 
1. Youth take advantage of opportunities toward established goals and make plans that show hope and determination.
2. Youth access resources and support through positive relationships with adults, peers, institutions, and family.

3. Youth act responsibly and have voice in programs and broader communities.

4. Youth use the necessary competencies and attitudes to achieve academic success in school.

5. Youth use positive social skills and self awareness to make healthy life choices.


PBHA’s Summer Urban Program, or SUP, is a network of 10 summer camps operating at 11 different sites across Boston and Cambridge that run for seven weeks each summer. SUP is staffed by 130 college students and 90 local high-schoolers and each summer welcomes more than 800 young people ages five to 19. SUP offers mornings of academic enrichment, afternoons of educational field trips, and artistic, cultural, and service-learning workshops throughout the week, along with an overnight camping trip and a day-long final trip.
SUP youth come from low-income backgrounds in the Dorchester, Roxbury, South End, South Boston, Mission Hill, Chinatown, and Cambridge communities. In addition, we have recent immigrant youth between the ages of 13 and 19 from the greater Boston area in our Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment Program, and Native American youth from across Boston attend our Native American Youth Enrichment Program.