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Performance Based Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to provide a professional training and financial assistance program for the development of children in the musical performing arts from financially stressed homes and underserved communities.  Open to any child, regardless of race or ethnicity, demonstrating a serious interest or musical gift/talent.  We focus on early identification of musically gifted/talented children who may, or may not, have learning challenges in a number of areas, such as; autism, dyslexia, ADHD and "at risk" youth.

Each year our students are encouraged to share their musical gifts by performing at community events and senior facilities.

Race for Music event is one way we partner with local organizations to bring attention to community health issues such as juvenile and adult diabetes.
For the past several years our music camp has been home based, however, we are only able to serve 5-8 students per weekly session, at no cost to the families.  We offer instructions in music theory, composition, music technique (one on one lessons) free lunch and snacks.  Our goal for the 2016 Summer Camp is to secure sufficient funds to establish a larger facility and accommodate our growing number of students.  
Our Cultural Events program begins the year with our signature fundraiser, an annual Junior Coronation event called the "Cinderella/Cinderfella Ball".  This event serves as a platform to present our most talented students in performance.  Leading up to this event the students are groomed in proper etiquette for conduct and dining, traditional ballroom dance and attend several cultural events and professional music concerts.