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With your partnership we can support those most at-risk. Thank you!
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Thea G donated $100 on 7/26/2021
by Anonymous donated $500 on 7/26/2021
John Henderson donated $1490 on 7/23/2021
In the spirit of "the most effective response to a crisis is a local response," here's a 3rd-wave-COVID-inspired donation from a big group.
Cho Maung donated $5000 on 7/23/2021
For Burma crisis fun ( Cynthie's)
Cho Maung donated $5000 on 7/22/2021
For Burma Crisis Fund
by Anonymous donated $100 on 7/20/2021
Emily Robinson donated $30 on 7/20/2021
I hope this gift can help Myanmar people with the coronavirus fight.
Myat Htoo R donated $200 on 7/18/2021
by Anonymous donated $45 on 7/18/2021
by Anonymous donated $3000 on 7/17/2021
Cho Maung donated $2500 on 7/11/2021
zakat for Rohingas (Burma), attention Patty
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 7/7/2021
Ei Yin Mon donated $1000 on 7/7/2021
Donation for Dr Cynthie Tin OO's Burma Crisis Fund
Cho Maung donated $1000 on 7/6/2021
For Cynthie's Burma CDM fund
Michael Chu and Annie Shu donated $500 on 7/4/2021
by Anonymous donated $108 on 7/4/2021
May all being be safe, healthy, peaceful..
Thomas Cheatham donated $100 on 7/1/2021