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Marie Ruzinsky donated $300 on 2/12/2020
I am so happy to contribute to such a promising group.....and to hear how the work continues with great Spirit !
Tamara Friedenberger donated $50 on 1/1/2020
Gwen and Alan Shusterman donated $60 on 1/1/2020
Beppie Judith Shapiro donated $100 on 12/31/2019
Leslie Marshall donated $200 on 12/31/2019
Kit Phillips donated $100 on 12/31/2019
Alan and Gwen Shusterman donated $60 on 12/31/2019
Gina Harris donated $100 on 12/30/2019
Kate B donated $100 on 12/30/2019
Beth Adelson donated $25 on 12/29/2019
Jane and James Baraz donated $100 on 12/26/2019
John Fortune donated $250 on 12/26/2019
Elizabeth Herz donated $1000 on 12/26/2019
I started my medical career volunteering for Dr Cynthia and remain amazed at the work she and the organization does!
Mangrai/Hendricks Family donated $1000 on 12/26/2019
Jack K donated $500 on 12/24/2019