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Mae Tao Clinic

Thank you for supporting Mae Tao Clinic!

How your donation helps:

US$ 30:

Health care:

  • Admit a newborn baby for intensive monitoring
  • Provide long-term contraceptives for 3 women
  • Enable 1 life-saving blood transfusion
  • Provide 2 months of supplementary feeding for a malnourished child
  • Supply 10 safe delivery kits to community birth attendants
  • Feed 20 patients 3 nutritious meals a day

Education and Child Protection:

  • Supply a boarding house student with dry food and hygiene rations for 3 months
  • Prevent statelessness by obtaining a Thai birth certificate for 9 newborn babies

US$ 300:

  • Admission and treatment of 3 children with severe acute malnutrition
  • A whole year of multilingual education at CDC school for 1 student
  • Support a health worker or teacher for 6 weeks
   Recent Activity
Lynda Campbell donated $150 on 6/13/2019
Congratulations on your continued commitment to families and individuals from Myanmar and Mae Sot
Erinn Letts and James Letts donated $100 on 6/11/2019
In honor of Dr. Shana Sniffen's 50th Birthday.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 6/3/2019
Rober Z donated $500 on 5/31/2019
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/30/2019
Joey Chen donated $30 on 5/30/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 5/30/2019
REYMOND E donated $100 on 5/30/2019
by Anonymous donated $200 on 5/29/2019
This clinic has undoubtedly saved innumerable lives and provided health care to thousands of people, who would otherwise have nowhere to go.
Nancy L donated $30 on 5/29/2019
by Anonymous donated $30 on 5/29/2019
nirelle kirsh donated $100 on 5/29/2019
Thet H donated $30 on 5/29/2019
José and Richard donated $130 on 5/29/2019
Hoping that our donation will contribute in contuining free medical care for Burmese patients for many more years
Susan donated $70 on 5/29/2019
I spent time at Mae Tao clinic as a medical student and was inspired by what they do daily.
christoph w donated $100 on 5/28/2019
Jim Schultz donated $100 on 5/28/2019
Bill Brady donated $1000 on 5/22/2019
The great service to humanity by this Clinic and Staff is surpassed by very few in the world.
Floris Holtland donated $100 on 5/21/2019
Aafke M donated $30 on 5/17/2019
Eva van de Pol donated $145 on 5/17/2019
Yu donated $30 on 5/15/2019