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Mae Tao Clinic

How your donation helps:

US$ 60:

To combat statelessness, all babies born at Mae Tao Clinic are registered at either Thai or Myanmar authorities. Also, babies born in the community can access these services within 2 weeks after birth. This donation will register all babies born on one day at Mae Tao Clinic!

US$ 80:

A pregnant woman will be admitted for safe delivery of her baby, attended by a skilled health worker. This includes access to emergency obstetric care.

US$ 120:

As part of our child protection program, this amount provides one child living in a boarding house with one year of food and hygiene supplies.

US$ 500:

Advanced-level obstetric care for a woman in labor.

US$ 850:

All medication dispensed in one day, to care for 420 patients.

US$ 5,000:

Provide all admitted patients with 3 nutritious meals per day for one month.

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We make this donation in honor of Tao, Paula and Tia's decades long commitment to the Mae Tao Clinic, and justice throughout the world.
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