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With your partnership we can support those most at-risk. Thank you!
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Cho Maung donated $1000 on 11/25/2021
for Cynthie's Burma fund. 3/6
by Anonymous donated $100 on 11/23/2021
May everyone feel peace in their hearts
Mary R donated $100 on 11/15/2021
Becci Lee donated $50 on 11/15/2021
Thanks for setting this up. I hope this can help in some way at this incredibly difficult time for those in Myanmar.
Daniele Huerta donated $200 on 11/12/2021
Cho Maung donated $1000 on 11/11/2021
Cynthies Burma fund (2/6)
Jack Kornfield donated $5000 on 11/9/2021
Cho Maung donated $5000 on 11/8/2021
For health and humanitarian help to Burma
Becki Ambrose donated $100 on 11/7/2021
by Anonymous donated $200 on 11/3/2021
Daniel N. Hlaing donated $2000 on 11/2/2021
Please address acknowledgement letter to "United Myanmar Alliance - Florida"
Cho Maung donated $1000 on 11/2/2021
for Cynthie's Burma fund
KATHERINE R donated $100 on 11/1/2021
Heather M donated $0 on 10/29/2021