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Parley Summer 2018

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We have met our goal due to our generous donors.  But if you give, we will happily carry it forward to the following year. 

So please, help us exceed our goal.

   Recent Activity
Terry Moore donated $50 on 12/25/2018
Barbara Combs donated $250 on 11/27/2018
On this Giving Tuesday I was reminded that I want to thank you Rebecca for all the wonderful things you do and bring to the world
Jerry James donated $100 on 7/16/2018
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/10/2018
Mary McGough donated $222 on 6/30/2018
Susan Nadler donated $100 on 6/29/2018
Gail Brisendine donated $30 on 6/26/2018
Bill Sutherland donated $250 on 6/24/2018
Amy Poisson & Patrick Sheehy donated $20 on 6/24/2018
Klae donated $50 on 6/24/2018
Joe Merrill & Elizabeth Dickinson donated $500 on 6/23/2018
So grateful for all the creativity and community that Parley nurtures!
Anabel Hovig donated $100 on 6/22/2018
Thank you for all that you do to bring new work Into the world. ❤️
Lenore Bensinger donated $400 on 6/22/2018
LAUREN DUDLEY donated $1500 on 6/22/2018
by Anonymous donated $2000 on 6/22/2018
Eileen & Roger donated $150 on 6/22/2018
Cara!!! donated $50 on 6/21/2018
Parley love to infinity and beyond!!