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Oregon Nikkei Endowment

Your contribution will help us continue our mission to educate the public about the Nikkei experience and to preseve the history and culture of Japanese Americans of the Pacific Northwest. Our donors are vital to our activities, which include providing speakers for classroom presentations on the Japanese American experience during World War II, developing and presenting public exhibits at our museum, and collecting and preserving historical artifacts and photos.

The term "Nikkei" refers to Japanese emigrants and their descendants, including Japanese Americans. The two main projects of Oregon Nikkei Endowment are the Japanese American Historical Plaza and the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center. In 1990, the Japanese American Historical Plaza was completed at the north end of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The Japanese American Historical Plaza was created to raise greater public awareness about the diversity of cultural experiences in America. The Japanese American experience is a unique story that evokes a deep appreciation of the freedoms granted to all Americans by their Bill of Rights. Conceived and guided by the Oregon Nikkei Endowment, the Japanese American Historical Plaza, along with its narrative of sculpted stones, stands as a permanent memorial to the lives of Oregon Nikkei and their determined pursuit of liberty, equality, and justice as American citizens.

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center is Japanese American history museum in Portland, charged with the preservation and sharing of the history and culture of the Japanese American community. The Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center opened the doors to its current home in September of 2004. The museum has exhibits that highlight Issei immigration and early life in Oregon, Nihonmachi (Japantown), and life after Executive Order 9066, including the Portland Assembly Center and contemporary Nikkei life.

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