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Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District is a regional greenbelt system in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is comprised of over 60,000 acres of land in 26 open space preserves protected for public enjoyment, making a preserve system of diverse and unparalleled beauty in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.

Our mission is to acquire and preserve a regional greenbelt of open space land in perpetuity; protect and restore the natural environment; and provide opportunities for ecologically sensitive public enjoyment and education.

Donations can be made to assist us in this mission, or directed to specific projects at Mount Umunhum. Donations are tax deductible under IRS code Section 170(c)(1). If you have any questions about the deductibility of your donation, please contact your tax advisor.
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I'm so grateful Midpeninsula Preserve's every expanding open spaces!
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